Serinium® Pipe Cut Band with Custom Fingerprint Laser Engraving

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Serinium® Pipe Cut Band with Custom Fingerprint Laser Engraving
Serinium® is the perfect contemporary metal, built to last a lifetime.


This Serinium® band with a laser-engraved fingerprint is sure to be unique.Just send us an image of your fingerprint and our laser technicians will engrave your fingerprint onto your choice of ring with our state-of-the-art laser engraving machine. You can choose whether you want it on the outside or the inside of the ring.Serinium® is the perfect contemporary metal, built to last a lifetime. Styles are available from 5 to 16 in full and half sizes. Bands are comfort fit and hypoallergenic. Serinium® is the most beautiful of all contemporary metals, with the brilliant white color of white gold. Forged at extreme temperatures and pressures, this high-tech material is ultra-hard and hypoallergenic, and will never tarnish, oxidize or change color. Serinium® is also the safest of jewelry metals, and can be quickly and safely removed in an emergency with commonly available tools, such as a standard ring cracker or even a pair of vice-grip pliers.Today, Serinium® is the fastest growing contemporary jewelry metal. Available in a wide range of ring designs, from bold mens styles to the most elegant wedding and engagement bands, there is a perfect Serinium® ring for everyone.

Our Very Own Branded Custom Cut Diamond

This is the most spectacular diamond ever and we know you will agree when you see it! We need your help though to give it a very special name.

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Best Jeweler in the South County area. Prior to my Fiance buying my ring I went around to try and give him an Idea of what I would like. MSG was the only Jeweler that didn't rush me out. They took their time and educated me on the jewelry, wrote down my wish list in a big binder they keep to help guide the groom to be. They treated me as if I was the customer even though my fiance would be the one coming in to buy. Exceptional service and Jewelry.


I have asked MSG Jewelers to repair many items before I ever purchased anything. My fiance and I were looking for wedding bands. We went in to purchase a ring for him and they were very helpful and took the time to explain all of the different metals to choose from. I went in the next week to look for a ring to supplement my grandma's wedding set and they were incredibly helpful and cared what I purchased! One of the girls had to leave before I made a decision and wanted us to take a picture to show what I decided upon. The owners and staff are just awesome!

Teresa L